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  1. The Malhão is a Portuguese circle dance and song in 2 4 time from Estremadura. The first line of one version is "Malhão, malhão, o malhão do norte", which can be translated as "winnower, winnower, o winnower of the North." The form of alternate endings derives from the cossante or cosaute, a courtly sung dance originating in 11th century.
  2. Translation of 'Ó Malhão, Malhão' by Linda de Suza (Teolinda Joaquina de Sousa Lança) from Portuguese to English.
  3. Malhão Lyrics: Ó Malhão, Malhão / Que vida é a tua? / Ó Malhão, Malhão / Que vida é a tua? / Comer e beber, ai trrim-tim-tim / Passear na rua / Comer e beber, ai trrim-tim-tim / Passear.
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  5. Amália Rodrigues - Malhão Malhão (Letras y canción para escuchar) - Ó Malhão, Malhão / Que vida é a tua / Comer e beber, ai tirim-tim-tim / Passear na rua / Ó Malhão, Malhão / Quem te deu as meias / Foi o caixeirinho.
  6. The "malhão" is a type folk dance of which there are many variants in Central and Northern word malhão could be literally translated as "mallet", but in this context it would be better to translate it as winnower (a person who winnows the grain), which owes to the dance's rural origins as a form of celebration at the high point of the agricultural calendar.
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  8. There is a brutal introduction at the base of the Malhão, as the gradient pitches up to % and there is scarcely any respite for the first mile or so of climbing.

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